Client Comments

There was a highlight of my trip on every single day. Honestly, this is what I’ve basically come to expect from Trufflepig. Four trips in and you’ve all amazed me every time! I’m not sure how you continue to reach this bar, but you do.

– Katherine H. November 2017

A totally delightful trip. Thanks Trufflepig. B_ was absolutely wonderful, quite the best guide we can remember having anywhere. Tremendous knowledge and very appealing personal style.

– Bob W. November 2017

Of course I’d travel with Trufflepig again.
– Ben J. October 2017

Each time gets better. Can’t wait for trip #4.

– Brian G. October 2017

Trufflepig are the experts and we were exposed to people and things that we would otherwise never have seen. It’s an excellent service.

– Georgina H. October 2017

The trip was amazingly personalized and educational. Everything went smoothly. The tailored itinerary with insider knowledge makes you feel less like a tourist.

– Jen B. October 2017

Incredible, smooth, action-packed and well-planned. We thought there was a lot of effort to make it professional, put together, and well-planned for such a low cost.

– Anna S. October 2017

And three cheers for everyone on the Trufflepig Farm. My life is better because of you all!

— Katherine H.

We had an absolutely wonderful time! Since our return, you have received nothing but glowing reviews in our reports to colleagues and friends. I can’t think of any element of the trip which could have been improved upon.

— Craig C.

Wow! Beyond superlative. My shoulders dropped 4 inches when we walked into the outdoor lounge area. Great start, thank you.

— Trenton M.

It is such a comfort to know that any unexpected bumps that are encountered are quickly remedied, and that Trufflepig is always monitoring our every move along the way. Every experience was authentic and adventurous, and the hotels and service were the best we have ever experienced. It really felt like everyone knew a lot about us when we arrived (allergies, likes, dislikes, anniversary), and that was a pretty amazing touch.

— Danielle G.

You and your colleagues put together one of the best family vacations we’ve ever had. We loved the hotel venues and their people. Everything went as planned and when we did need/want to tweak the day, everyone jumped to help. Felipe was the perfect guide for us in Santiago. All the guides at Explora made our excursions so much fun.

— Gabrielle C.

This trip felt like a vacation. Often I need a vacation after a trip, but I came home very relaxed.

— Susan H.

My husband keeps saying it was the best trip we have ever taken and one of several reasons is because of the 3 excursions we booked through you. My husband is convinced that the only way to sightsee is with a private tour, especially in crowded cities like Paris & Rome. So, Jack, your mission was accomplished. You have us hooked!

— Di C.

Thank you to you and your team for an amazing, never to forget honeymoon. It was absolutely perfect. You guys made it so easy and seamless and it was the perfect balance.

— Frank A.

This was truly one of those special trips in one’s life. I can’t thank all of you enough for the forethought, attention to detail and execution to make this a trip of a lifetime. As we parted at the airport completely knackered, the boys hugged me and said “can we go to Italy next?” Mission accomplished… Stay tuned…

— Scott D.

In 2011, we went on a four month trip, organised it its entirety by Trufflepig. This had three legs: the far east (six different countries), the US (including the Caribbean and Bermuda), and Brazil. Both the planning and the execution were flawless, and included a very swift reorganisation of the proposed Japanese leg of the trip when the earthquake/tsunami hit Japan. We had a fantastic time and I have recommended Trufflepig to anyone who will listen since we got back.

— Neil G.

The entire overall experience from the get go was as smooth and stress-free as one could hope for. The planning for the trip and keeping us updated via email was much appreciated. The Piglet was well done… The hikes were great and Rudston really knew how to combine moving and shaking and providing down time.

— Eric M.

I wanted to tell you that our trip was magical and that all of your recommendations, from tour guides to hotel to restaurants were perfect… I would like to say it was an experience of a lifetime but Bob and I hope to go back, more than once, and so I will say it was the start of a very precious tradition.

— Andrea B.

I can’t express what a difference it made to our trip to have these arrangements made and in place, and each one turned out to be different and worthwhile.

— Meg C.

We couldn’t get over the kindness and professionalism of everyone we encountered.  Not a moment late and always so gracious. Now to pay off the Visa bill and start dreaming (planning) the next one. Look forward to re-engaging with Trufflepig.  We have been singing your praises, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear from our Toronto friends soon.

— Angela F.

Never again will I do a trip where help is needed without using Trufflepig. I knew you were the best but having to use someone else really pointed out to me just how good you are.

— Sally S.

The trip was amazing and due almost completely to your planning and suggestions. We will recommend your services and use Trufflepig again for sure.

— Meredith  S.

We were delighted with the services you provided and the manner in which the arrangements were made. Everything went off without a hitch and if only the weather in Paris and Provence had been better we would have given it a perfect score but then again, that had nothing to do with you. You and your team did everything possible and necessary to fulfill our wishes and desires. Thanks to you all and Trufflepig now has enchanted first time clients and word of mouth starts with that.

— Robert B.

As we recount our trip we realize what rich memories we now have that we wouldn’t have had without Trufflepig.

— Julie W.

I kind of wish it hadn’t happened (getting bumped from our flight) but in a way it was good because then we saw that you guys really responded, you absolutely proved yourselves and did a great job, and because of that we’ll be traveling with Trufflepig again.

— Jon S.

We came home and we literally hired a personal trainer.

— Deirdre B.

Thank you so, so much for all you did to make our trip absolutely perfect. It couldn’t have been better planned and your suggestions were all great. We loved our hotels, restaurants, guides, everything. (FYI, the guide at the D’Orsay was the best one we’ve ever had anywhere. She was amazing.) I’m so grateful to you for making it a very special, memorable vacation.

— Courtney G.

…We are having a really good time. Organisation is excellent, we do not have to worry about anything, this is what we call holiday! And the landscapes are beautiful, the animal sightings are fantastic… We could not have asked for more! We are two very happy campers.

 — Marloes P.

Bottom line is that your advice was excellent and you really made our trip a lot more enjoyable. We’re now sold on Trufflepig.

— Allan S.

There was not one single time that a hotel or restaurant reservation wasn’t at the top of the establishment’s list…and the rooms or tables we were given were fantastic. We truly felt we were royalty and it’s very clear that Trufflepig has a great reputation.

— Doug G.

Just finished a wonderful day with Jabu. The day was everything we hoped it would be and more.  We ate lunch in a four room with three interesting Soweto women. Came back and finished the day at 6:00 having a drink and more interesting conversation with Jabu. These experiences are why Trufflepig is three steps above everyone. Thanks again.

— Jim S.

This was our first time to Europe. Jack made sure our trip was just perfect. From the cities, the food, the private tours, the tour guides, hotels, Jack did not miss anything!

— Jackie K.

Just the right amount of exploring/planned activities and time for relaxation. Remarkably, each day, each hotel, each location was just a bit better than the one before, making it feel like we were in a symphony that swelled to an amazing crescendo once we reached the Maldives.

— Steve R.

Writing from Plantation Lodge after 3 heavenly days in Mahale. I owe you an apology! I gave you a hard time about going there  but you prevailed.. and I tried to keep an open mind. This was one of the greatest experiences in all of our lives. So thank you thank you! Having a wonderful time.

— Karen S.

Nearly every single thing we had planned was perfect, it was almost exhausting how perfect the trip really was. I think my favorite (at the moment, if I had to pick just one…) was the photo walk in Venice; Marco was so friendly and interesting, and it was just a joy to focus on the photography, but I think Jeff’s favorite was the bike ride from Pienza. We also really appreciated all the behind-the-scenes work that I’m sure was put into ensuring the trip continued to run smoothly as we went. Occasionally, a hotel staff-member would mention you had just called to tell them we were on our way, or a waiter would preemptively note my Celiac Disease, and I’m sure it happened more often than we knew. Thank you, and thanks to the other staff members who helped out! It was truly a trip of a lifetime!

— Becca B.

I wanted to say a huge thank you for a magnificent trip. I know many of the places we stayed, and things we did were only because of your expertise. We made some spectacular memories as a family. I can’t tell you how often I was singing your praises! Perhaps loudest on the day we hiked to Auberge le Castelas for lunch! But honestly, there were so many incredible moments that I can’t begin to make a list. Thank you again for a memorable trip!!!

— Sarah F.

You guys understand us and planned perfectly

— Anne H. April 2017

We could not plan this level of vacation ourselves. I might have been able to get to 75% if I spent hundreds of hours  researching  and talked to as many people as I could who’d been to the destination before.

Kevin S. October 2017