Our Difference

We do our own research. We take our own pictures. We write our own words. And we form our own opinions. Curiosity is our catnip. To Trufflepig is to look. To dig. To unearth and to find. The perfectly classic or the perfectly quirky—Trufflepig seeks worth, not price, and finds value in individuality, character, and care. Ours is a spirited approach to travel. The places we take you can be deliciously simple or ruinously expensive. We thrive on variety. An open-cockpit flight over the Okavango Delta, and a bang-on bowl of soupe à l’oignon in the Auvergne. Our trips are deliberate concoctions of varied and spicy ingredients, carefully proportioned, and seasoned to your taste. We look, we find, we craft, and we deliver. A great guide in Paris. A superb hike out of Cape Town. Where to find real flamenco in Seville. When to stay in the expensive safari lodge and when it’s not worth it. This is our vocabulary: the real, the vernacular, the authentic and imaginative, the pungent and confident, the clean and simple. At the end of the day, we believe better travel is a result of digging deeper and connecting the right dots. And that’s what we do.