Trip Planning Process

  • 1. The Call

    Every trip starts with a phone call. You ask us questions, we ask you questions, and we generally get to know one another. Once we have a clear sense of your travel style and trip request we can figure out if your needs and our service are a good fit. Heck, you can call us right now if you want.  +1 416 628 1272.
  • 2. Pick a Place & Decide on Dates

    Perhaps you already know exactly where you want to go and when. Or maybe you haven’t got a clue. No worries either way. We’re here to bounce ideas around, provide inspiration and help you narrow down the options to specific destinations and dates. Assuming you decide you’d like us to plan your journey, we’ll complete this step by gathering some personal information and collecting a nonrefundable deposit ($500) which will be applied towards your trip.
  • 3. Build the Framework

    Now that we know the where and when, we’ll work with you to establish the basic architecture of your trip. We’ll review hotel options and decide which ones are best for you, figure out the pacing and flow (i.e. how many nights in each place, the order of regions), determine key flight and transfer logistics, and discuss the various things to see and do. The end result will be an initial itinerary, which outlines the basic shape of your trip and provides an approximate trip price. Think of it as a blueprint; an accurate yet incomplete picture.
  • 4. Colour in the Days

    Alright, let’s add some sizzle to that steak. You know where you’re going and where you’ll be sleeping each night. But what do you want to do each day? We’ll direct you to excursions and experiences that suit your personality, and craft the plans until each day has as much (or as little) structure as you’d like. This is where it really becomes your trip. As soon as we’re clear on what you want to do we’ll tentatively reserve all arrangements. And as soon as you’re ready to pull the trigger we’ll collect a confirmation deposit which amounts to 30% of the total trip price.
  • 5. Fine Tune

    At this point, all arrangements are secured and your trip is confirmed. But it’s not etched in stone and we’ll continue to flesh things out and fine tune. We’ll discuss options for eating and drinking, as always, steering you to places we think you’ll love. Maybe you decide you want to do that guided hike after all, or perhaps you prefer to cut the bungy jump on deeper consideration. Not a problem. We’ll happily adjust arrangements and reconfirm final reservations, making any changes to the trip price if applicable. Okay, almost there. We’ll send you a final itinerary, and collect full payment once we reach 90 days prior to the start of your trip.
  • 6. Get Your Piglet

    A few weeks before you depart (less if it’s a last minute trip and/or there are changes late in the game) we’ll send you the Trip Piglet, in both electronic and bound paper form. This is your final travel document containing all the information you need to know (i.e. contact numbers, daily details, confirmation numbers), plus a bunch of information that’s nice to know (i.e. how to say hello in Vietnamese). Once you have the Trip Piglet in hand, we’ll review with you (by phone or e-mail) all of the arrangements and answer any questions. Oh, and if you want to make a final modest tweak to the plans, we’ll help with that too.
  • 7. Hit the Road

    Off you go. It’s time for all those plans to unfold, time to focus on the fun. Your Trip Piglet will guide you through each day and we’ll be keeping a close eye on things every step of the way. If you need help, we’re only a phone call away and totally committed to supporting your trip until the moment you get home.
  • 8. Bring it Home

    Naturally, we’ll be keen to hear all about your journey. We’ll collect your feedback online, by phone, or in person—whatever works for you. Your candid comments help us improve our service and plan better trips. They also help us get to know you even better, so we’ll have just the right suggestions when you’re looking for inspiration on where to go next.