“HEL yeah” sums what I thought when a recent opportunity presented itself to spend a few days in the Finnish capital Helsinki (whose airport code is HEL… genius!). Now, travelling to a Northern European outpost in February doesn’t appeal to everyone, I get that. It’s dark, it’s chilly and it’s wet. But if you think […]

When our friends at Best Made asked us to help locate a rugged & timeless location to test their gear and shoot their next catalog, we stumbled upon an adventure we simply had to share. A newly developed trail, accessible only on horseback, connecting mountains to sea in a particularly blessed little corner of Brazil. Now Trufflepig […]

Just north of Lucca lies an unexplored corner of Tuscany, hideout and holdout of traditional artisans, old-school craftsmen, unreconstructed farmers, folksy flavours, and all-round fulsome fascination. Squeezed between the Serchio River valley and the Apuan Alps, the Garfagnana region is way off the beaten track despite being well within striking range of both Lucca city […]

Trufflepig is hiring. That’s right, we’re looking for a bright spark to join our Ferrari-red and on-fire Italy planning team. To be more precise, we’re looking for a location scout, mountain guide, pasta chef, natural diplomat, story-teller, lyricist, software whizz, sartorial advisor, permaculturalist, historian, painter, eater, drinker, dreamer, taster, guzzler, sharer, giver, listener, lecturer, cartographer, empathist, […]

When I’m choosing my preferred wine growing regions, I want more than just great wine, great food, and a decent place to lay my head. I want somewhere that’s going to inspire me. And that’s why, dear friends, should I ever go missing in action, start by looking in the Douro Valley in Portugal. The […]