We’re all about island paradises here at Trufflepig; there is nothing more satisfying than leaving all the work and world behind and retreating to a remote, azure-water-surrounded island. You can feel the city’s slickness slipping away from you. You can feel those hunched shoulders drifting down and your breath becoming slower as you take in […]

There is a unique magic that surrounds the mysterious Chiloe Island. Full of myths and legends, this special spot of land in Chile has an energy you can feel in every green meadow. I have my own theory about the source of these magical powers: it’s Tierra Chiloe. This majestic hotel is an experience in […]

If you’ve ever been so lucky to see a glacier, it was likely from a boat or a path… far in the distance, looking a little small as it carved into a lake or formed an avalanche. If you are ever so lucky as to have another opportunity, we recommend walking or wandering right on […]

I sometimes find it a little strange that graveyards are also tourist attractions. A place where we bury our dead is also, weirdly, a rather pleasant place to walk on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I guess death is very much a part of life, so why the hell not? Things can turn sinister when the […]

If you’ve ever considered a trip to Australia or New Zealand, now is an excellent time to start planning. Both the New Zealand and the Australian dollar, while always quite volatile, are lower than they have been in more than two years against the USD, making those beautiful (and pricey) hotels like Cape Kidnappers, Southern […]