While I have a deep deep hatred for those who deface priceless antiquities (I’m looking at you, Laszlo Toth), the inner archaeologist in me also has a fascination with the results, especially when it manages to stick around for a long time. On a recent visit to Angkor Wat, I strayed from the usual temple shots [...]

Santiago is no longer the ugly stepsister of Buenos Aires, lacking in artful charm. It’s taken a while, but we can now safely say that it’s revealing startling depths and becoming one of the coolest capitals, full of activities and culinary experiences worth the trip. Santiago is filled with landscaped gardens, new art galleries and [...]

About four years ago I visited the original Mara Plains and it was fantastic, becoming easily one of my favourite camps in Kenya. Since then it has been completely rebuilt, and I have to say, now it’s even better. Mara Plains is run by Great Plains Conservation, a company which has slowly but surely built [...]

Kochi (or Cochin) is a wonderful coastal town in India’s colourful southern state of Kerala; a smiley, happy spot with rather lovely locals and some of the best curry this side of Manchester. It is a place to park your self for a wee while and soak in the local flavour, strolling the streets and [...]

As with most of my trips, food always seems to be a focus. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why I love returning to Indochina over and over. Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia are renowned for their food, and as always, partaking in the various delicious options is a definite highlight.  Here are [...]