Visiting the Galapagos used to be a straight shot. If you wanted a fluffy pillow, some decent grub, and an excellent naturalist, you had to be on a boat. No longer. We recently visited the Galapagos Safari Camp and it’s something of a game-changer. Galapagos Safari Camp an eco-luxe camp in the highlands of Santa […]

We don’t often toot our Spanish claxon, but we are proud of the corner of Spain from where we plan trips to the Iberian Peninsula.  Home of sherry, flamenco, and the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe, here’s 5 reasons why our lovely little province should be on everyone’s bucket list. Cádiz (pronounced: CAH-DEETH). Drenched […]

No one can complicate things like a Frenchman can. Just when you thought it was as easy as ‘bonjour’, here’s our abridged guide on how to say hello in French, reduced to 17 easy-to-remember time/gender/location/religion-specific steps. Think of bonjour as a launchcode: dangerous when it falls into the wrong hands. That’s right, although they taught […]

Gastronomes rejoice!  The ultimate long weekend getaway is alive and well, and clinging to a rock in Newfoundland. My wife and I were fortunate to spend a recent long weekend out at Fogo Island Inn, on remote Fogo Island, out in the Atlantic just off Newfoundland, and (as their website puts it) ‘just over halfway […]

A resurgence of interest in this little-known region of southern Italy is underway, spearheaded by the sassy sassi of Matera. Last year Matera silenced the critics by beating out better-heeled northern rivals like Siena and Ravenna to be chosen as European Capital of Culture for 2019. The run-up to 2019 is likely to generate a […]