We have noticed here at Pig HQ that honeymoons seem to becoming more adventurous. While there are still plenty who enjoy an idyll in the Maldives, increasingly we are hearing from those seeking a heavy dose of thrill in with the honey. One such place that delivers this in spades is the wee Central American […]

Maybe it’s the name, but Iceland in the dead of winter doesn’t instantly appeal to those who don’t like the cold.  So we packed our swimsuit and snorkel and set out to put the record straight. At wintertime, Iceland becomes dreamy. Snowy landscapes, stunning Northern light displays, fewer travellers and lower prices mean we think […]

I’m a city girl – or at least I thought I was until I visited the Hacienda San Lucas in Honduras, hidden away in the hills with not a square centimetre of asphalt to be found, and offering a culinary experience that’s not quickly forgotten. The ‘Getting There’ tab of the Hacienda San Lucas website […]

Visiting the Galapagos used to be a straight shot. If you wanted a fluffy pillow, some decent grub, and an excellent naturalist, you had to be on a boat. No longer. We recently visited the Galapagos Safari Camp and it’s something of a game-changer. Galapagos Safari Camp an eco-luxe camp in the highlands of Santa […]

We don’t often toot our Spanish claxon, but we are proud of the corner of Spain from where we plan trips to the Iberian Peninsula.  Home of sherry, flamenco, and the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe, here’s 5 reasons why our lovely little province should be on everyone’s bucket list. Cádiz (pronounced: CAH-DEETH). Drenched […]