On my recent trip to Myanmar (often still called Burma), I decided to take a break from the company of my excellent guide and head off on my own. I picked up a rental e-bike for a bargain (about 5 USD), so that I could get a little further in my explorations for the day. […]

We are excited to announce that we have finally brought Myanmar (also known as Burma) into the fold. After an exhaustive research trip spent scouting out the hotels, eating in the restaurants, meeting the people and drinking the (surprisingly delicious) beer, we are confident that we can give you an amazing and authentic experience in […]

There are some images that simply stop you in your tracks. You gaze, mouth agape, head cocked to one side and perhaps squinting, with an “eh?” emerging from your dry mouth. This happens a lot in the weird and wonderful northwest corner of Argentina. In this particular instance, I found myself dumbstruck by the volcano […]

On paper I’m a trip planner, but when I get right down to it I’m a photographer who loves being in Africa. I love snapping a photo of a camouflaged leopard, or capturing the majesty of a herd of elephants on the move. Birds have always been less of a priority—they’re hard for a photographer. […]

Anyone can pull up to Mondavi or Chateau St. Jean in California and taste some wine. Anyone can book an appointment at Jordan or Far Niente and join a small group for a tour and tasting hosted by an experienced professional. California wine country, however, has numbers of amazing little gems that are not open […]