Where to go on safari next: Zambia

Conventional wisdom holds that the king and queen of safari travel in Southern Africa have been always been South Africa and Botswana. We say conventional wisdom be damned. South Africa these days seems to be a victim of its own success, it’s popularity means that even despite a weak currency it’s getting more and more […]

Losing it in Montmartre

I get lost all the time. When a set of directions indicates a southerly course, northeast it is. If a line on a map points straight, the immediate impulse is to take a hard left. It’s a condition really, some defect in my DNA that’s left me without any sort of inner compass. Oddly enough, […]

Trufflepig Recipes: Gumbo

So it is Saturday night, I am cooking Gumbo, listening to Graceland and Rubber Soul on Vinyl cafe, drinking beer… and I thought of ya’ll.  Here’s a recipe to whisk you to the southlands: “Uncle Lex’s Chicken and Sausage Gumbo” [Serves 10-20] Ingredients 2 cups White Flour; 2 cups Canola Oil; 2 bunch celery; 3 […]

North Island

I have writer’s block. I feel as though I have a homework assignment looming over my shoulder and try as I might to commit words to page, I keep failing. I’ve just been to North Island in the Seychelles and the problem is that I am trying to convert into words something so wonderful that […]

‘Tis the season

Year after year the twinkling lights and sumptuous smells of Glühwein and gingerbread spark a kind joy on the grey and damp days of December that can only be described as pure bliss. Ever since I was a child Christmas markets have been my favourite part of the festive season. Strolling the Weihnachtsmarkt with family and […]

Trufflepig recipes: Cassoulet

The ingredients for this daunting dish are many, and complicated. By far the most important of them are bravery and time. You cannot rush a cassoulet, and you cannot let it get the better of you. Those of you who are adventurous and gourmand enough to try this marvellous dish will find it will try […]

A Perfect Day in Queenstown

Visiting Queenstown, it quickly becomes apparent how busy the city is. The traffic is reaching problem level, and the locals will tell you they are none too pleased. If that’s the case, why is Queenstown so popular? Why do droves of kiwis and tourists alike flock here year-round? Well, the answer is simple: adventure. Honestly, nobody does […]

Sri Lankan Swimming

I like a pool, a deep blue, serene swimming pool (green may suffice too), preferably of Olympic length, not because I want to swim laps in it so much, it’s just that a larger pool, when quiet and undisturbed, allows for epic reflections (and consequently good photos for Instagram, and possibly the odd reflection on […]

LA-EE-KÉE spree

Take me to the shoe store, and all I can think of is blisters. (My toes prefer the feel of beach sand and water.) Shopping for clothes? As fast and infrequent as possible. Jewellery and accessories? I don’t care much. But set me free on the Athenian street market, something happens to me. I am […]


Nothing says transit like a forced layover in a place you never really wanted to go to in the first place.  The eternal waiting room that will be part of travel until we invent nifty things like in star trek that beam us around without having to wait…….scratch that……even a Beaming Machine would have a […]

Barraco Lodge

In a world of blue, green and turquoise, just inside Chile from the Argentine border near Puerto Montt, Barraco Lodge is one of our secret Patagonian trip-planning weapons. The lodge sits in a valley above lake Tagua Tagua (sister valley of Cochamo which is considered as the ‘Chilean Yosemite’) which gives its name to Tagua Tagua […]


Call me a hipster, but a good old fashioned mixtape always puts me in a great mood, which is the bottom line expectation when you’re preparing to head out on the road. Inspired by things like the Bob Dylan Theme Thyme Radio Hour and Sid Mashburns’ own WSID, we’ve put together a soundtrack for your […]

A Home in the Trees

Dreamt up by owners Kent and Britta, Treehotel is a year-round Northern outpost in the Swedish countryside, surrounded by unspoiled nature as far as the eye can see and the lush Lule river valley. They are the same couple who run Britta’s Pensionat next door; an inviting cluster of 1930-50s inspired rooms that feel like you’re staying at your […]

Taking the Road Less Driven

In 2011, I spent a fortnight driving around southwest China by myself. I had a valid Chinese driving license and a legal rental car, and yet I felt as though I was doing something illicit. Others evidently thought so, too: “Do you really just go where you want? So free!” I was asked, wistfully, on […]