Kochi (or Cochin) is a wonderful coastal town in India’s colourful southern state of Kerala; a smiley, happy spot with rather lovely locals and some of the best curry this side of Manchester. It is a place to park your self for a wee while and soak in the local flavour, strolling the streets and [...]

As with most of my trips, food always seems to be a focus. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why I love returning to Indochina over and over. Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia are renowned for their food, and as always, partaking in the various delicious options is a definite highlight.  Here are [...]

Mendoza’s wondrous wine region has much to recommend it: gorgeous towns with lovely, leafy plazas, marvellous Malbecs, delectable dining, and terrific places to stay. All this and we haven’t even mentioned the Andes, which stretch dramatically in the distance, an impressive backdrop and a useful orientation device. The Uco Valley in the Mendoza region has [...]

Did you know that more than 60% of Perúvian terrain is Amazon Jungle area? Conversely, the ruins in the Andean Valleys (where most people concentrate their visits) constitute only about 28% of the country’s land. I was fascinated when I realized this—it wasn’t Brazil or Ecuador, but Peru’s ancient, Incan land, full of ruins and [...]

We like a new way to see an old thing. Preferably one that does not involve a selfie; there are far too many shots of people’s mugs eclipsing the Taj or Victoria Falls. So when the new walkway opened up at London’s rather old Tower Bridge, it was time to revisit this ancient way of [...]