Trufflepig is hiring. That’s right, we’re looking for a bright spark to join our Ferrari-red and on-fire Italy planning team. To be more precise, we’re looking for a location scout, mountain guide, pasta chef, natural diplomat, story-teller, lyricist, software whizz, sartorial advisor, permaculturalist, historian, painter, eater, drinker, dreamer, taster, guzzler, sharer, giver, listener, lecturer, cartographer, empathist, […]

When I’m choosing my preferred wine growing regions, I want more than just great wine, great food, and a decent place to lay my head. I want somewhere that’s going to inspire me. And that’s why, dear friends, should I ever go missing in action, start by looking in the Douro Valley in Portugal. The […]

How many people can say they’ve slept at a president’s house? Well, I have and so could you on your next trip to Ecuador. Located in the little highland village of Zuleta (famous for it’s embroidery), and nestled between rolling Andes mountains, sits Hacienda Zuleta, a beautiful working farm that is steeped in history. Dating […]

Now dig this!  Algarve.  Al-gharb. The name was given by the Moors, and means simply “the west”.  And like the other Jimmy says, the west is the best.  So here’s some tips to find your own castles made of sand. First, and let’s be honest here, the development of the Algarve coast was not Portugal’s […]

True to my German heritage, I love sausage. Bratwurst, frankfurter, nürnbergers, landjäger… I love them all, but Berlin has a one-of-a-kind sausage scene so on my recent research trip, I was keen as mustard to try the city’s beloved signature street food: currywurst.  Invented in post-war Berlin by a lady named Herta Heuwer, it has […]